About RKD Digital

RKD Digital is a web development company based in Leicestershire, UK. We specialise in Magento websites, Magento upgrades, WordPress and any other open-source platform powered by Javascript or PHP. We are a collection of independent designers, developers and marketers living within the UK who work together to build fantastic websites and online solutions for our clients.

At it's core, RKD is a web development company, namely we build the code and piece together the design to create the finished product, typically using Magento, WordPress and Javascript. However if you are in need of a design or concept - we will make this happen on your behalf, using our large network of partner agencies and independent designers.

We strive to implement the latest and greatest technology into your website, Mobile-friendly, Fast, Secure and most importantly - we make websites that drive sales for your company. It doesn't matter whether you are a FTSE250 company, or you have a side-business mowing lawns at the weekends, every business requires an online presence.

It doesn't even have to be a full-blown website. A blog, an Amazon or eBay store, a Facebook Business Page - these are all things that we can help with and are things that will get you up and running online in no time.

Robert Kent

RKD Digital was founded by Robert Kent (me!), you'll notice a lot of royal 'we' on this website, and that's because I believe in the partnerships I've made with other specialist developers and agencies and count them as an important part of my own company. I'm a web developer from Leicester who has been in the industry since 2010. After leaving my old web company, my girlfriend and I travelled the world for over a year. During this time, I picked up a few freelance projects from kind-hearted ex-colleagues. This helped us continue travelling way past our original 6-month budget - especially in Asia where a few hundred pounds can last you a long time!

"World Traveller" by Day, Web Developer by night, I managed to snatch a few hours every day, typing away on a tiny 13" MacBook Air, building WordPress and Magento websites and delivering them back to my partner agencies in the UK. This helped me build the contacts, skills and confidence required to continue working for myself upon our return.

After returning in July 2017, I set up RKD in order to pursue my dream of running my own web agency, building websites the correct way and making sure that the client is always put first. In this industry, it's important to stay focused, stay fresh and most importantly - up-to-date with the changes in technology.