Magento 1 Support until June 2020

Magento 1 Support until June 2020

Published: 9/7/2018

There's been quite a debate over the past few years as to how much involvement Magento will continue to have with the older Magento 1.X version of their popular e-commerce platform.

A lot of people estimated that full-blown support would cease sometime in 2018, however with a recent announcement Magento have given hope to those who are continuing to develop and use their Magento 1.x platforms.

Magento will officially be providing support until mid-2020 for versions 1.5 and upwards which in my opinion is very generous!


Their maintenance policy document is definitely worth taking a look at.

I have quite a few clients on Magento version 1 who have been concerned about security since the release of Magento 2 so it's nice to see Magento re-affirm their commitment to their aged customers.