Javascript is a fantastic tool, supported by all browsers that allows you to create amazing pieces of digital content for your visitors. It's used in everything, from website navigation, applications for mobile and web - even this entire website is built using Javascript.

At RKD we rarely see a website where Javascript hasn't played a major role in making it fun, interactive and dynamic. For everyday users Javascript feels like the browser doing the 'magic'. Clicking on a product in an e-commerce store and it automatically adding to the basket - without having to refresh the page. These simple tricks are done using Javascript.

Back in the day, Javascript was seen as a last-resort option if you wanted to do anything remotely complicated with a website. Now, Javascript has taken over the web.

With fantastic libraries such as ReactJS and VueJS , Javascript is now increasingly popular as a weapon-of-choice for developing entire web applications. Because all the action happens in the browser (the client machine), the speed is phenomenal.

Developing with Javascript

We strive to create amazing Javascript web applications for our clients, and our partner agencies. We've created dynamic mortgage calculators, highly intuitive contact forms, streamlined user-interfaces and custom checkout flows.

All of our Javascript applications are individually quoted, if you would like a quote for your next idea then please contact us .