VueJS is a relatively new Javascript library for creating component-based web applications. This may sound a little strange, but it's the new way of doing things. Most websites choose javascript as an additional extra to improve the user-experience of their website. With VueJS you can do this and much more.

Javascript frameworks such as VueJS are notable for their speed, that's why they are mainly used to create fast single page applications (SPAs). SPAs give the effect that each page load is instant, every action is smooth and the website generally looks and feels like a real mobile-phone application. The draw-back with SPAs has always been their lack of visibility within search engines (SEO). However with the addition of a new VueJS library called Nuxt - you can now have real content served to the search engines on each of your pages. In fact, this entire website you are now using is built using the VueJS NUXT framework.

RKD Website built using Nuxt

Every page on this website is built using Javascript and a special Nuxt feature called Server-Side-Rendering (SSR). We know there are a lot of 3 character acronyms flying around but SSR is pretty cool, as long as the server supports a certain technology the pages of this website can be loaded independently, all the text content is visible to search engines and, once loaded, the website acts just like an SPA.

Not only this, but wait for it - here's another 3-letter one for you - this website is also a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means that in certain situations, most of the content of this website will be cached by the browser - meaning a faster experience. It will also work offline, and you may even be prompted to add the website icon to your phones home screen. This is all new and exciting stuff and is all part and parcel of Javascript Frameworks like VueJS, Nuxt and even ReactJS .

If you think your next (or Nuxt) project could benefit from any of these technologies then please contact us .