Magento 1 Development

Magento 1 Development

Magento was revolutionary when it first appeared on the scene in 2008, between the years of 2012 and 2014 it really set the e-commerce world alight. Over 10 years since its first release, Magento 1.X (meaning versions 1.0-1.9.x) is now reaching the end of it's lifespan.

At RKD we would not recommend a brand new Magento 1.9 installation unless you have no other choice. However this does not mean that you should immediately throw your Magento 1 plaform out with the garbage, far from it! If you're making money and you're happy with the platform, then why change? There are a few things however, which you need to be sure you are aware of.

Magento 1 is a tricky platform to update, typically you would expect a WordPress-esque update scenario, but for many Magento users this is not the case, simply clicking a button to update from 1.4 to the latest 1.9 does not work. Instead, you must make sure that you are patched-up as much as possible. Even with an old version of Magento 1.x, you can still be secure if you follow the patching guidelines published on the Magento website. If you do not, then you may be leaving your website open to hackers or even credit-card fraud!

Magento 1 Patches and Custom Development

Here at RKD we are experts in Magento patching and bespoke Magento 1.x functionality. If you require your Magento 1.x patching, then please get in touch. If you're also after a brand new Magento theme, then we have the expertise to be able to deliver a fully custom design, built specifically for mobiles and desktops alike at a great price.

Unfortunately we've seen our share of badly developed Magento websites, this is in part thanks to the unique nature of the Magento codebase. If you've been subject to a Magento website that is just not working as you expected then please get in contact with us so that we can offer some advice and guidence on whether your Magento installation is retrievable or whether you would be better off with a new installation, or even an upgrade to Magento 2.

Magento 1 Development Pricing

Here at RKD we offer Magento 1 development services at an hourly rate of £50 or on a fixed-quote basis.

  • Magento Patching
    Applying Magento Patches is our speciality
  • Magento Fixes / Development
    Fixes for your theme, functionality or extension integrations
  • Free Consultation
    Consultation and advice for your old Magento web store