WooCommerce is WordPress's answer to the e-commerce problem. Developed as a separate plugin, WooCommerce (WC) has grown to become a solid competitor to the Magento framework, with regards to low-cost, fast setup online stores.

If you're after an e-commerce platform that is flexible, serves as a fantastic content-management-system (CMS) and has all the power of WordPress at it's disposal, then WC is definitely the way to go.

Typically a WooCommerce website will run the same as a WordPress website, with a few extra features and a heavily modified theme. As it's built on the WordPress framework it is also light-weight, meaning that your hosting costs will not be as high as say a Magento 2 .

WooCommerce Pricing

At RKD our pricing model for WooCommerce websites starts at £5,000, with the turn-around (depending on the complexity of the theme) being around 4-5 weeks. This makes it a great option for those starting up a new online business or wanting to expand their current WordPress website into the WooCommerce world.

  • Powered by WordPress
    As WooCommerce is powered by WordPress you have all the features of WP at your disposal
  • Light-Weight
    WooCommerce is light-weight and therefore cheaper to host on servers
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    With prices starting at £5,000, you can have an online shop at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown Magento